Your Path to Wellbeing

My holistic health practice takes a body, mind and spirit approach to your wellbeing.

Our work together begins with a sincere desire to make lasting lifestyle changes.  In therapeutic partnership we discover your power to change behaviors.

You probably already have a good idea what aspects of your life need to be enhanced or replaced.  Yet there might be a disconnect between knowing what you should do and actually doing it.

Let's transform your health "to-do" list into practical actions.


My Story

Professionally I work as a holistic nutrition consultant, health and wellness coach, part-time college professor, clinical herbalist, workshop facilitator and meditation instructor.

I hold graduate degrees in Holistic Nutrition and Philosophy.  I am a nationally board certified Health and Wellness Coach, a certified Clinical Herbalist, and have taught meditation for over two decades.

Begin your journey to health and wellness...

People change when their hearts change.  Let's set up a time to chat about your health goals.